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Acies Cleaning & Support Services

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PLATFORM, FLOOR 6, Tower Point, 44 North Rd
44 North Road, BN11YR
East Sussex

Company Profile

Founded in 2015, Acies Cleaning and Support Services provides professional commercial cleaning services to a range of industry sectors across Brighton and Hove servicing many commercial premises daily. Our Core Purpose is to freshen up the cleaning industry driving sustainability improvements and redefine the professional cleaning role as we know it. Our company has seven key values; Leadership, Teamwork, Relationship, Efficiency, Growth, Flow and Positive Attitude.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

* Acies Cleaning and Support Services is a 100% paperless business. All of our timesheets and scheduling, HR compliance, communication, standard operations and accounting is in the cloud. We don't even print business cards. I don't remember saving a business card beyond putting it in my phone.

* We drive sustainability through cleaning, saving energy, water, and skills training to ensure our team is best equipped to carry out their work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

* We engage with the local business community and support other businesses smaller than us, to help them make better environmental and social decisions.

* We use high-end cleaning tech to minimise the use of water and chemicals, for example our mopping systems using 480ml of water instead of the conventional mop bucket with 10-15l of water.

* We use floor scrubbers using only 2l of water which also requires a fraction of chemical in comparison to the standard 40l water tank scrubber dryer floor machine. This allows us to dramatically reduce our water and chemical usage and not compromise on the quality of the end result.

* We use and reuse microfibre cloths, and chemical free cleaning wherever possible.

* Our machinery, tools and equipment are stored on-site to minimise mobilisation costs.

* All of our chemicals have a sustainability mark, and manufactured in the UK and not from overseas.

* All of our suppliers are within 60 miles, ensuing we support to local business community.

* Acies Cleaning and Support Services is a proud Living Wage employer and even our lowest wage is higher than the current living wage and ensures that our team has the support they need to meet their needs on weekly basis.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member