Babycup Ltd is a British brand manufacturing Babycup Sippeo First Cups | Babycups are designed to support childhood oral health | Babycups are biodegradable and recyclable

Babycup Ltd

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Company Profile

Babycup Ltd is a British brand, established in 2013, manufacturing Babycup Sippeco First Cups to support childhood oral health and development. Oral health issues are a leading cause of childhood ill-health across the globe. It causes pain, emotional and physical distress, and is a huge financial drain on health service systems. Most oral health issues are preventable, and with increasing difficulties in accessing dental care across many nations, the importance of steps to support oral health grows ever more important. Babycup’s speciality is the often overlooked area of using an open cup from early in life. Sipping drinks from an open cup, rather than sucking, is better for oral health and development so is recommended by dentists and orthodontists. Manufacturing biodegradable, recyclable, mini open baby weaning cups, here in the UK and serving customers across the globe, Babycup Ltd is helping change the face of childhood oral health. Small, but mighty. That's our ethos!

Our Social and Environmental Activities

We believe innovation doesn’t need to be complex in order to mean you are shaking up the norm. In the case of Babycup Sippeco First Cups, a seeming simplicity belies the precision measurements and attention to quality that have contributed to the product’s physical form, this with the innovative shake up of how we approach this part of the parenting and weaning jigsaw allows the great health benefits that our customers and their little ones can benefit from.

We relaunched our cups as biodegradable as well as recyclable and gained accreditation from the internationally-renowned Oral Health Foundation. We worked to achieve these credentials to enhance our offering to our customers. Our cups are used around the world and it is extremely rewarding to see little ones benefitting from them. Whether it is a weaning group in Nottinghamshire, an oral health programme for native Indian communities in Saskatchewan or a retailer in Paris – Babycup Sippeco First Cups give universal health benefits to all.

Oral health issues are a leading cause of childhood ill-health across the globe. In England alone, children's tooth decay costs (NHS) more than £40m a year. Babycup Sippeco First Cups are leading the way in open cup sipping for childhood oral health. The work we do is not just building a successful brand and business but is helping improve this rotten situation with a small change that starts in the baby years and is changing the face of baby smiles.

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