Bean & Boy - natural handmade soap made in small batches by cold process method. Range of soaps from basic to beer,lavender,avocado & more available via Etsy

Bean & Boy

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Company Profile

Bean & Boy is a family-run business making soap bars by hand with only natural ingredients and the traditional cold process method. We don't put anything artificial in our soaps - NO SLS, no parabens, no preservatives, no colourants and no artificial fragrances. We use ethical and natural vegan ingredients to make beautiful soaps that are kind to skin. Wholesale and custom orders welcomed.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

We are committed to running a responsible and ethical business with a zero-waste target.

How natural is your skincare?

Cold Process Soap is the authentic and traditional way of producing natural soap. We do things properly, and make each batch by hand in our home. No stage of the manufacture is outsourced.

We only use natural ingredients which means that our soap bars are free from parabens and SLS.

We only use natural ingredients like pure essential oils and responsibly-sourced butters and oils. We do not use any chemically-manufactured fragrance oils, colourants, preservatives, or foaming agents.

All our bars are cured for a full period of six weeks to ensure a hard bar of soap that is safe and gentle on skin.

Our bars of soap are all vegan-friendly and do not use any animal products.

Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

We have chosen to use certifiable responsibly sourced palm oil in our soaps to produce a better bar, and to help support marginalised communities who rely on the sustainable farming of palm for their livelihoods. We believe that cutting palm oil out of soap and eliminating demand for this product will have disastrous effects on families who rely on generations of sensible, sustainable farming for their income and wellbeing. All of our palm oil is responsibly sourced from suppliers who support plantations that are regularly and rigorously checked to conform to responsible sourcing legislation and criteria.

Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are entirely natural and made from entirely natural ingredients. We strive to create awareness of the chemical compounds found in mainstream soap, and encourage others to switch to natural products that do not negatively affect our bodies or the environment. Because they are completely natural, our soaps are also biodegradable and have been certified as totally safe.

Our Peppermint & Coffee Natural Soap is made using recycled coffee grounds, and our Beer Soap is made from British Beer. We are actively seeking out new partnerships with suppliers to ensure that we can move our supply sourcing closer to home.

Shop Local

We aim to support and lift up local businesses wherever possible, with a commitment to shop local and grow our communities. We attend numerous local events to make new connections and reinvest back into our neighbours. At this stage, many of our soap ingredients are sourced locally, as is all of our marketing materials.


We believe in constant communication with our customers and suppliers, talking to them about options to help reduce waste and encourage creative reuse of any waste products we produce or use. At markets, customers have the option of a zero packaging soap that is supplied naked or in a biodegradable and unprinted kraft bag.


Our packaging is sourced from local suppliers who specialise in recycled materials that are, in turn, recyclable, and the majority of our wrapping and marketing materials are also biodegradable. It is important to us that our ingredients and packaging supplies do not have to travel far to get to us, and that they have minimal impact on the environment during production and delivery. We pass this ethos on to our customers with creative ideas to inspire responsible recycling and reuse.

Our current packaging includes recycled kraft brown paper, recycled wax paper, recycled textured card, biodegradable garden twines, recycled kraft stickers, and biodegradable earth friendly inks for printing. Aside from the wax paper, everything is biodegradable and compostable.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member