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Company Profile

Helping you feel good and do good business. I offer 3 core services: 1) Develop Yourself - Life Coaching for individuals seeking personal development. 2) Grow Your Business - Business Coaching for SMEs wanting support as they grow and develop to the next level. 3) Develop Your People - Executive Coaching and training programmes, to ignite passion and purpose, teaching Leadership & Management, improve confidence, time management and so forth.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As my awareness has grown of my impacts on a global scale; socially and environmentally, it was only a matter of time until my business caught up.

I care about sustainable business; for the planet, the animals, the people who make our clothes and post our parcels. I care about the individuals I encounter day to day who are working hard and feel exhausted. And I care about those I do not encounter, who remain hidden in the system. I have been a compassionate soul for some time, but the last year in particular has woken me up big time to:

1 My own consumption and the impact that all of it has.

2 The benefits of organic produce, not just for me personally, but for farmers and the planet.

3 The importance of buying from companies who are transparent and care about ALL of the impacts of their supply chain.

4 The number of people who are less fortunate than me (the homeless, ill, disabled, refugees, those who work in developing nations etc).

5 The out of control (currently) usage of plastics and the harm that does globally.

6 The sad belief that while a lot of people really do care, a lot more do not believe it will affect them in their lifetime so are not motivated to do anything about it (so we need to make it easy for them).

7 The fact that if we want change, we have to make it happen ourselves, not rely on our government.

I am super motivated to be a part of this change. From my own buyer behaviour to the emphasis of my business, I want to only have a positive impact on the planet and the people / animals residing on it. As such I have joined the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, and pledge to always operate ethically and sustainably and I am about the join Essex Wildlife Trust to support the work they do local to preserve our environment.

As a business (and personally) all of my purchase decisions revolve around the wider impacts of the purchase. I will not buy disposable unless that is the only option. My vehicle is low emission and purchased second hand. I endeavour to have meetings via Skype where clients and contacts are further afield. I do all my paperwork electronically, and my handwritten notes are on recycled handmade paper.

Any clothes purchased for work (or otherwise) are sourced either from a known ethically and environmentally friendly supplier, or are purchased 2nd hand.

Where I can I donate time and money to good causes. Most recently I have taken part in the Big British Beach Clean-up, in conjunction with Waitrose and the Marine Conservation Society, and donated clothes to the Hurricane Irma survivors. I do my internet searches using Ecosia, which plants trees. I frequently support Greenpeace and businesses that are Eco friendly.

It is my intention for my business to support organisations who are doing good business to grow, as their success puts pressure on other organisations. I am very conscious in my work developing businesses and leaders, that attention is paid to all the implications of their growth, so it is not done to the disadvantage of their staff, clients, suppliers, the environment.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member