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Company Profile

BYD Solutions Ltd is the only UK company to provide internal clean air & anti- bacterial solutions, our bespoke programme of cleaning is backed by science.

COATYSAFE / COVPLUS: (Air Treatment)

* Once applied, all odours & organic pollutants including Bacteria, Harmful Gases, Germs, Viruses, SARS, Influenza, VOCs to name just a few will be destroyed.

* The product is fully dry in just 3 hours!

* Lasts 10 years!

* Effective against Coronavirus after 60 Minutes!

SAFETYTOUCH: (Surface Treatment)

* A liquid and transparent product applied to all tactile surfaces, including glass touch screens & mobile phones.

* Once applied Safetytouch prevents microorganisms including Bacteria, Germs, Viruses, SARS, Influenza, to name a few from adhering to the surface.

* Fully dry after just 5 minutes!! No other product on the market dries as fast!

* Lasts 12 months!

* Safetytouch eliminates coronavirus in 30 seconds! No other product that lasts 1 year has such certifications

Our Social and Environmental Activities

BYD Solutions Ltd believe in looking after our future and our children's future, we continuously work towards minimising negative environmental impact as much as possible.

Our COATYSAFE & SAFETYTOUCH cleaning solutions allow companies to reduce their use of cleaning chemicals and reduce their impact on the environment, this made us look at our company and how we can make changes no matter how small.

We recycle whenever possible and buy only 100% recycled paper for office use, we aim to go paperless by 2023 and updating our systems to allow this change.

We turn off our lights and computers at night.

We work as efficiently and effectively as possible and re-use our cleaning cloths, bendy nozzles and other tools.

Our suppliers are all within 60 miles ensuring we support local business as much as possible.

Within our local community, Lee Bywater is Chairman of Witham Rugby Club and also coaches the junior teams on a Sunday morning and Mark Bywater regularly enters various local running events and raises money for Mind Mental Health Charity.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member