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Enjoy better relationships with ByHeart coaching:

- Personal

- Professional

- Financial

Find me on instagram for a flavour of my approach: @margarita_byheart

I think you’ll find it is very different to most other coaches out there!

My signature offering is workshops for women and couples. I teach you to embrace your sovereignty, cherish yourself and befriend your inner dragons. I also offer 1-1s or couples sessions.

How? Harnessing the Psychosynthesis approach, I help individuals discover inner resources and gain deep strength from their identity. I also offer an exploration of the self’s relationship to the outer world using the Neurographica technique: an accessible visual language, where art meets psychology.

Stay tuned for:

- Neurographica workshops

- The Dance of Leadership Workshops

- Queen Photoshoot slots

- Prosperity workshops, exploring the human side of money

A complimentary discovery call awaits you to see if we align.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

- ByHeart Coaching holds a deep commitment to authenticity. Professional ethics are paramount, with a rigorous discovery call process to ensure alignment with clients and avoid miss-selling, a common issue in the coaching industry.

- ByHeart conducts workshops both in-person and online: tango-based workshops are conducted locally in Brighton, while the online offerings prioritise carbon-friendly options.

- Margarita actively supports sustainability through public transport use, local and organic shopping, diligent recycling, communal composting, and a commitment to second-hand sourcing, embracing a \"charity shop queen\" approach!

- Margarita engages and involves herself in community theatre, contributing to various aspects such as costumes, choreography, lighting, and acting.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member