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Company Profile

I demystify sustainability and help small businesses learn how to find ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their day-to-day processes. So, whether you're just starting your journey or need to know how to build a responsible company, I can help you better understand and improve your practices.

I trained as a B Leader for B Corp to expand my sustainability services and support companies through the certification process, evaluating areas of strength and development. My involvement with ORB has been so impressive that I'm now a trained ORB Responsible Business Specialist

I also assist companies with their communications, as my clients often need help with positioning and marcoms strategy. I work collaboratively using industry techniques but without the mystery and jargon. By simplifying this process, it ensures the vision and strategy are in place to expand successfully, helping stakeholders understand their values and creating greater loyalty over time.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Lightbulb Moment

My lightbulb moment for looking after our planet came when I worked with my mother's charity, saving British Wildlife from extinction. I couldn't let it happen, so I had to get involved.


I rehome all my unwanted items and those of my family and friends to local charities or offer them free on FaceBook or via the local Trash Nothing website. I also use my local Repair Cafe to mend any items that can be refurbished and repurposed.

I'm a pro-bono Help to Grow Management Programme mentor for Enterprise Nation, offering free advice to companies with five+ employees. I'm also a Small and Mighty Programme Mentor for Small Business Britain and Small Business Saturday. If required, I provide continued support to my mentees and specialise in female entrepreneur imposter syndrome.

I've helped mentor an all-women business group, keeping them positive and their ventures afloat through the pandemic and beyond.


My business rates are on a tiered structure, offering pro-bono work for struggling businesses and then increasing my prices depending on the size of the company and what they can afford. By using this principle, I can help companies and charities in need. I also offer reduced rates for start-ups and CICs.

As a facilitator, I've worked with Employee Volunteering for at least ten years on field projects. These projects include:

- lake bank and marshland path repair

- fence building to protect nesting kingfishers

- constructing sensory gardens

- Care Home decorating.

- coming together at Christmas workshops

- five-a-day children's garden projects and

- eat-well plate lectures.

I also moderate their brainstorming business forums to help charities through the pandemic and beyond.

I provide pro-bono B Corp BIA Assessment guidance for start-up companies with little funding to help them gain accreditation.

I encourage my client's feedback to ensure that I can improve my services and service delivery. I'm proud that my client relationships are long-lasting, with an open and transparent dialogue.

I try to work with as many minority group clients as possible. By offering them my experience, I can ensure they get the best opportunity to succeed and hopefully 'pay it forward' once they are established.


I treat my suppliers as I would like to be treated, with respect. I pay them on time, ensure I'm timely with my requests and respect their work/life balance.


My passion for nature is verging on obsessive, so it's no surprise that I love gardening and once was a professional gardener in my spare time. My garden has been biodiverse and organic for 22 years, where I create habitats suitable for badgers, bats, birds, deer, hedgehogs and stag beetles.

I use as much food waste as possible to feed the local wildlife.

I compost all my garden waste into heat piles to protect the slow worms and wildlife in the surrounding countryside.

I'm my brother's wingman when it comes to growing vegetables on his allotment, which is a win-win as I also gave up meat many years ago, so I never say no to a bit of home produce.

I repurpose as much packaging as possible and have barely any plastic in my home or office. In addition, I avoid disposable products and buy food produce with less packaging.


I mainly work from home and limit unnecessary travel as much as possible by using video conferencing to communicate with my clients rather than face-to-face meetings.

Many of my clients are small independent businesses, so I buy most of my personal purchases within a five-mile radius of my Home to support my local community and keep my business consumption to a minimum, supporting independent companies.

I minimise my overall utility consumption.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member