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Carl Gough - The Storyteller

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Company Profile

Stories to cultivate understanding, transform opinion, galvanise action and build belief in the possible. Carl is gifted in the performance art of storytelling, finding the right story for the right moment for education, businesses, museums, national parks, festivals, community events, theatres, and more.

Carl has been delivering professional storytelling services as a performer, workshop facilitator and consultant since 2005, working extensively across the UK and internationally and even recording stories for BBC radio and television.

Carl prides himself in delivering a bespoke service, delivering a service that works for you, whether you seek quality entertainment, cultural enrichment, or have more purpose driven needs such as skills development and team building. If you\'re looking for a bridge that connects people to ideas, information or each other, storytelling might be just what you need.

Get in touch if you want to find out if storytelling could benefit you.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

With an MSc in Zoology and BSc in Marine Biology, Carl embraces environmental purpose in all his work, this includes assessing every booking for potential environmental impacts and social outcomes. In every action, the services strive to optimise social outcomes and community building, whilst minimising negative environmental impacts without compromising service quality.

Carl is committed to exploring the application and use of storytelling approaches that empower individuals to make positive change, particularly regarding environmental issues. He is currently devising a theory of change to support this work and progressing a socially and environmentally driven project called Nexus.

Discounted services for community groups are available on a case by case basis and storytelling performances are occasionally donated in support of charitable fundraising events.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member