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It's customary to see leaders as 'fixed' with no personal problems to cloud their performance. The reality is that they feel they need to portray a sense of being in control, yet they are human like the rest of us. They may be carrying baggage that will benefit from attention to improve their performance and effectiveness.

Beyond grand words, what does this mean? Simply that they can and do all too often experience anxiety as well stress, approach burnout, panic, trauma including ptsd, shame, guilt, fears & phobias. None of these is conducive to performing at our best.

Over 17 years of doing this kind of work I've evolved my own unique way of helping people drawing from my time as a senior leader in a manufacturing business as well as drawing for countless techniques to facilitate rapid change.

I also have a team of peers available through where the focus is building staff or team resilience offering 1:1 support & various workshops

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My key thing is that I am not a consumer. I buy food for my daily needs. Beyond that I rarely make any purchase other than occasional clothing items where I choose garments that last for years and books.

My car goes for weeks without moving because I go shopping on foot. When, if ever, it is due for replacement I plan to buy electric.

Most travel outside town is via rail.

I avoid the use of plastic where possible.

I use little paper and when I do will reuse until it needs to be recycled.

Currently I haven't flown anywhere since before the pandemic.

I wear warm clothes to keep warm and minimise the use of household heating.

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Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member