Cheshire Botanicals Ltd, Nantwich, Cheshire | Creators of award winning Nantwich Gin | On-site vertical farming technology for micro-herbs | Passionate about community & sustainability

Cheshire Botanicals Ltd

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Cheshire East

Company Profile

Cheshire Botanicals is a family-run spirits business and the home of locally-loved Nantwich Gin. Based in the Nantwich countryside, the family use their trial still to develop award-winning recipes that celebrate the history and stories of the town.

Driven by a passion for gin in all its many forms and the strong family links to Cheshire, the creators behind Nantwich Gin wanted to produce something special and from the heart: a love letter to the town, its culture and personalities past and present.

Rooted in nature and elevated through innovation, Cheshire Botanicals uses on-site vertical farming technology to grow herbs and botanicals such as lemon thyme and lavender, which contribute to gin recipe development. Packed with flavour and uniquely balanced, the family's first London dry Nantwich Gin is a deliciously-distinctive spirit to be enjoyed all year round.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

- We ensure that all materials are sourced as locally as possible.

- We work with local service-based businesses as much as possible.

- We engage with our local community as much as possible.

- We are members of 'Sustainable Nantwich' and we are collaborating with our local community garden.

- We are subscribed to Ecologi - however we recognise that using a carbon offset programme is not enough. We use our Ecologi account to track our sustainability goals.

- Our exterior product packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

- Our products are vegan friendly - even down to the label glue.

- We personally ensure no packaging goes to waste and re-use where possible. (If not re-usable then it is recycled correctly).

- We use OceanHero for all of our business browsing activities.

- We have removed 150g of weight from our bottles as of 2024!

- We have worked with Liverpool John Moorees University to Analyse our Carbon Impact and Pinpoint Improvements.


Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member