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Company Profile

We're on a mission to create an alcohol-safe workplace, without killing the buzz!

Did you know?

- Most people who drink to dangerous levels are in full-time employment

- In a recent survey, 20% of workers complained of being pressured into drinking more than they wanted to by co-workers, and 10% by their boss

- Alcohol and drug use was a factor in over 40% of industrial accidents last year in the UK

- More than 50% of sexual harassment workplace grievances involve alcohol

- Alcohol Change UK estimate that 3-5% of all workplace absence is alcohol-related

How much could alcohol be costing your business?

At Choose Sunrise, we create a safe space in the workplace where people can explore their relationship with alcohol, with absolutely no judgement, ever. We facilitate monthly peer-support meet-ups, inspirational talks from sober heroes, guest speakers, sober socials and alcohol-free drinks tastings, as well as providing training to leaders, management teams and HR.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Our Vision is to become world leaders in eliminating the stigma associated with Alcohol Use Disorder.

We're bringing this mission to the workplace, with the aim of reducing alcohol harm by helping 'grey area drinkers' find help and support before they get anywhere near their personal rock bottom.

This has clear benefits for individuals, as well as wider society, communities, and children growing up in homes where alcohol use becomes problematic.

We are supporting a brand new CIC, The Sober Butterfly Collective, which is a 100% volunteer-run company that organises sober socials up and down the UK every weekend. It's completely free and always will be. We have pledged a minimum donation of fifty pounds for every Alcohol Safe Workplace Accreditation that we sell, and for every 101 Days to Sober Course that we sell.

Our Values

Be Kind

We believe that kindness matters. Little things go a long way, and we go out of our way to be kind to everybody that we work with. This means treating people with respect, listening and being courteous, and being generous.

Never Judge

Tackling a taboo topic such as alcohol use disorder can only be done successfully if people feel that they are safe. The fear of being judged is very real for many people and this can lead to people suffering in silence for years before asking for help.

Speak Up

There is a growing community of people who choose an alcohol-free lifestyle, notably in the UK, Australia and the USA. As this community finds its voice, we represent the views of the sober and sober curious, speaking up about the issues that the alcohol-free community find challenging and asking employers to support us to make it easier to maintain healthier choices around alcohol.

Stay Authentic

When you work with us, the people who deliver your training have lived experience of their own struggles with alcohol, or of having loved ones who have suffered from alcohol use disorder. This enables us to deliver truly authentic and honest accounts within our workshops that help to break down the stigma and open the door to powerful, honest conversations, building psychological safety and empowering people to ask for help.

Specific ORB Commitments:

1. To replace the (one) vehicle that we use with an electric version by the end of 2025

2. To introduce a formal policy covering 'How We Treat Our Suppliers', ensuring that payments on time and the principles of fair dealing are embedded into our ways of working before we scale - by the end of 2023

3. To ensure that 10,000 individuals hear an inspirational story about sobriety, told in the workplace, and provide the spark for the 23% of those individuals who drink to dangerous levels to consider changing their drinking - by the end of 2025.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member