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Company Profile


Cogan Environmental Consulting Limited is an independent environmental consultancy providing customer focused expert help to developers, planners, architects, industrial operators, farmers, public bodies, NGOs, lawyers and other businesses. Our team of leading UK experts have provided air quality, odour, climate and meteorological services for over 1,000 projects covering a diverse range of sectors and complexity.

At Cogan-EC, our ethos is built upon a foundation of unwavering commitment to environmental consultancy. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors, delivering honest and transparent services with integrity at every step.

Our trusted team of experts maintain the company core values of:

> Quality

> Honesty

> Integrity

> Friendliness

> Professionalism

We believe in the power of bespoke consultancy, crafting personalised strategies that prioritise our clients’ goals while upholding the highest standards of professi

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As an environmental consultancy, we put the needs of the environment at the forefront of our business activities. We promote sustainable development in every project we are involved in, actively helping to minimise environmental impacts in the present and future.

As a young company, we are currently looking at ways to make more beneficial impacts on the environment, including paid volunteering days for employees to help with community environmental projects and opportunities to fund projects. We welcome support from other responsible businesses to aid with our progression.

Our company sets clear ethics for honest and transparent services with integrity throughout all activities. Our values are a core feature setting our business apart from many others in consultancy. We believe the values of the business and its employees should influence all business decisions and will be holding quarterly workshops with employees to ensure their views are built into the business. We know that our employees are our most valuable asset as a business and try our best to motivate them both for professional development and to integrate them into the business. While we have company policies in place to aid this, we are continuously looking at ways to improve support for our employees. Currently we are building our company ethics into all parts of the business to ensure they are upheld throughout all activities and all employees. We would welcome further ideas from other responsible businesses.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member