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Company Profile

dpSun Sustainable Electrification is a research and development-focused company established in 2014 and with 3 main areas of activities:

- Rural electrification in remote areas like Sub-Saharian Africa and Indo-Pacific.

- BIPV - Building Integrated Photovoltaic developing new constructing materials using solar PV energy.

- eMobility - with our project IC2EV, converting combustion engine vehicles to electric providing them with a new life.

Our goal is to develop and implement off-grid solar power solutions for sparsely populated areas. These solutions will include a variety of renewable energy technologies and business models in order to address a diverse market of customers' circumstances and preferences.

Buildings can be 100% sustainable and we design and develop new tailor-made solutions.

eMobility is the future. IC2EV Repower MotorHome to electric, is a project to electrify an existing fossil fuel-operated Motorhome into an electric vehicle.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

In our first project funded by Innovate UK, SolaFin2Go, we demonstrate how electricity can develop an off-grid community in Botswana. We began with a school installation where children learn about technology, developing new skills and future opportunities. At present, with SolarNetwork project we are expanding Jamataka Community by providing them with a rental scheme battery and involving the community on their own future. Learn more at www.solanetwork.org

We are currently developing projects in different regions that supply communities with energy and clean water.

Green Energy + Education is a perfect combination.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member