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Ethical Business Marketing

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Melton Mowbray
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Company Profile

There are people who create products, charities and businesses that make the world a cleaner, better place. Me? I give those people the marketing and communication know-how to do that brilliantly. I take the mystery and overwhelm out of marketing. When you work with me via e-learning or 1-2-1, I share my 'secrets'. I want to give you the knowledge and confidence to take control of your own, brilliant, communications. I want a world that's full of ethical, change-making businesses

Our Social and Environmental Activities

At least 10% of profits go to good causes.

We work with professionals who share our social and environmental values, and who are working to become more ethical in their business. We love to support and work with women and men 'doing the juggle' - often people who are in the early stages of self-employment due to trying to work around childcare or personal circumstances that mean a 9-5 is unworkable.

We're always excited to work with fresh, exciting and not-yet proven new talent: we're happy to go with gut instinct as well as references if that's what you need to get a foot on the ladder.

We pay our partners and suppliers fairly and promptly.

We use renewable energy - not simply a 'green tariff' but energy that comes from 100% renewable sources.

We minimise our travel and use public transport where possible. When we do have to use a car, it's a hybrid.

Our funds can never be used to invest in unethical practices or activities that contribute to climate change: we use an ethical bank for our finance needs.

We buy things that will last. We use things for as long as possible. When things stop working we take them to the local repair cafe. Where possible we use things that fit within the principles of the circular economy.

Our new workspace in early 2022 will be on the public transport network and powered by 100% renewable energy.

I'm a community first responder and emergency response trainer - this year I'm training as a mental health first aider.

Our next step is to move to green web hosting, thanks to fellow ORB member Kakadu Creative.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member