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We offer professional sustainability consulting and certification services with a hands on close working relationship approach.

Adopting sustainable practices provides high value to you, your business, for your clients and will help all of us keep climate change targets within reach.

Until the end of 2020 FREE phone advice is available.

We can certify any business including schools, medical practices and especially the hospitality industry and properties (rental or sale).

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As a professional sustainability certification auditor I am continually promoting sustainable practices to all businesses that I interact with and comply with them myself.

During the course of a certification program with a client I will introduce them to relevant local community initiatives and charities. Part of their certification includes an Employee Policy, which will cover all aims at achieving the UNSD Goal #8.

Businesses are invited to explore a gold standard carbon neutral certificates and one of the first policies to adopt is switching to a renewable energy supplier, both of which we can advise on. I currently have a green energy supplier but will probably change to a better one soon.

An environmental policy is just as important and the criteria for this as with the employee policy are built around the size, location and scope of the business.

My own initiative takes the shape of a coral reef restoration project in Barbados called CORALL. Set up 4 years ago and I was a founder member, CORALL was formed to help conserve and protect the coral reefs around the island and pave the way for the newly formed Blue Economy on the island. Here is the website for further information - https://corallbarbados.org I am very involved in the running of this charity and spend quite a lot of time on the island pursuing my passion for marine life and U/W photography. I give generously each year to this charity and support GreenPeace, RSPB the MCS and Birdlife International.

I am very involved with organising beach clean ups both on the south coast and in Barbados. I am very much aware of how plastic breaks down into small pieces and becomes micro-plastic. Floating in our oceans this micro-plastic is consumed by marine life and enters our food chain. So it's very important to keep plastic litter out of our oceans, hence the need to fight the plastic tide on beaches.

To help boost the local economies around Brighton special attention is given to make sure local small businesses, traders, markets, craft fairs and the like are included in our marketing and client policy documents. Supporting local trade and paying a living wage, as a benchmark, provides a boost for local prosperity. When workers are paid more they have a natural tendency to spend their earnings locally, so this has a positive knock-on effect.

Naturally I advocate for reducing to an absolute minimum single-use plastic and it is not used in the office. My rental property owners are required to provide guests reusable shopping bags, filtered water (so they don't need to buy bottled water), no single-use plastic items are present at all, bin bags are biodegradable, food composting is offered when possible and many other practices. Such as: reduced use of harmful pesticides and cleaning products, LED light bulbs and A+ appliances, rainwater catchment - the list goes on. Responsible Rental Solutions covers this side of the business along with Responsible Hospitality.

Everything I practice is based on the UNSDGs, core criteria and standards from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), ISO140001 and corporate and social responsibility. Certification is robust, third party audited and reasonably priced.

Sustainable certification should be regarded as a journey, without great speed, to arrive at your destination. Thank you, together we will achieve our goals

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member