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Company Profile

I am Emily Design & Marketing helps small businesses and start-ups find their way in design & marketing. With over 20 years experience, Emily and her team provide logo design, brand, design for print, marketing, websites and social media. Emily works with each of her clients to provide a personalised experience catered to your business needs. In her spare time she can be found generally loving life, design, yoga, food and gin featured on her blog iamemily.uk

Our Social and Environmental Activities

From starting the business in 2009 when I left the Northern lights of Leeds for sunnier Southend I have been involved in the community and have very strong morals and ethics both in my business and towards others.

I have mostly worked alongside charities, most being local to Southend or Essex and who haven\'t have the budgets of the larger charities I previously worked for as a Senior Art Director for an award-wining direct response agency in Leeds. I wanted to apply the big budget design and marketing philosophy to smaller charities to put them on the map and have a voice. I successfully achieved this with many charities and pushed their awareness in the local community with my design and marketing that otherwise they could not afford.

I love the opportunity to work with clients of the same mindset as me so when taking on a client I will really push their environmental and ethical responsibility, this has seen ideas being implemented from a sales and letting agent donating to HARP for the homeless, hairdressers using cruelty free, vegan products and reducing their carbon footprint, a London company who use all electric vans, to a large project I\'m currently working on to rebrand a high-end food company who already source sustainable and local ingredients but are now switching all their packaging over to eco friendly.

Wherever possible I also try to use suppliers that align with my ethics, these include my print company who are FSC registered, use plant based inks and have a strict recycling policy, and a packaging and merchandise company who use all recyclable or recycled products.

In my home life as well as in business I use eco, sustainable and responsible skincare products and whilst this helps our environment it also supports local businesses. Wherever possible i will buy vegetables and meat from local suppliers and you\'ll find me walking whenever i can to reduce pollution and my carbon footprint.

I could do so much more for the environment and to be more responsible, but as I see it, if we all make little changes every so often then we\'re one step further to looking after our planet and the people in it. I think COVID has taught us all that we do have a fantastic local community around us and there are some truly decent human beings. My bid is to continue building those relationships with our neighbours and our local businesses and support each and every one of them even if it is in the smallest way.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member