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It Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth Ltd

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Company Profile

It Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth is a small management accountancy practice that is being built around the Sustainable Development Goals, and that particularly supports organisations in the charity and non-profit sectors.

We specialise in two service areas:

1.) Independent Examination of annual charity accounts, for charities with income between 25k and 1m pounds.

2.) Tailored management accounting support that delivers insight designed to add value to your decision-making. This could include:

* Assistance with funding applications

* Financial systems review

* Business process improvement

* Financial planning, budgeting, forecasting

* Financial and non-financial information, analysis and reporting

* Projects and project accounting

* Financial analysis and Excel modelling

* Development of regular management information to support decision-making

* Bookkeeping

Our Social and Environmental Activities

It Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth... to run a successful business or organisation and make a difference when you consider people and planet alongside profit.

Over the past year we have taken / continued to take the following actions as a responsible business:

Social (including workplace and the community)

* Operated on a flexible and part time basis to deliver gender equality and so that our work force are able to create social impact by being present for their family needs as well as the needs of the business.

* Worked with existing and new clients to give them peace of mind over their financials and processes and to highlight areas for improvement;

* Collaborated with other Accountancy practices to match skills with opportunities, and to help other new members to develop their practices;

* Volunteered within the local community to help raise funds for a local primary school;

* Pursued 'win-win' sustainable activities - for example, supporting a start up sustainable business by purchasing their children's eco-friendly activity book, and donating this to a local primary school's eco club for use in educating children;


* Encouraged new and existing clients to embrace paper-free technologies to share information;

* Minimised paper use/printing (not at all or double-sided, recycle/re-use for physical notes where appropriate);

* Composted shredded confidential paper waste;

* 100% renewable Electricity and low energy lighting;

* Conscious approach to electricity use: switch it off when not in use, only boil what you need;

* Conscious approach to procurement: for example, sourcing books secondhand where possible, using Ethical Consumer guides for supplier choices, using reclaimed/upcycled wood and recycled carpet for office refurbishment;

* Green-hosted website through an ethical provider;

* Minimised travel by making use of Internet meetings where appropriate;

Financial & Governance

* Ensured that our working capital, reserves, and pension arrangements are held with financial institutions that operate with the highest levels of ethics and sustainability

* Ensured that our governance and compliance remains up to date by renewing our membership and member-in-practice status with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

* Remained up to date with the latest accounting trends and compliance requirements

* Ensure that our due diligence activities for new and existing clients are in line with the latest AML guidance

Areas where there is room for improvement:

* Net Zero Carbon Emissions: move away from gas central heating

* Net Zero Carbon Emissions: replace petrol vehicle with EV at end of life (existing vehicle is kept in use for the business as use is minimal, and this approach is lower impact than replacing with newly manufactured EV which is a highly consumptive activity)

* Net Zero Carbon Emissions: cycle or walk to local business events as a replacement for vehicle use where required / appropriate

* Communication: improve and increase visibility and communication of sustainable learning and actions

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member