Jennings of Garsington, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire - business parks, business units, workshops, retail units,warehouses, serviced offices & meeting rooms - Chalgrove & Garsington, nr Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Jennings of Garsington Ltd

Hampden House
Monument Park, Chalgrove
OX44 7RW

Company Profile

We're a bit different to the average Landlord.

While the capital is invested in the buildings, the time and energy is invested in our tenants. Our focus is on treating our tenants with the respect they deserve, removing any fears associated with renting premises, and allowing them to concentrate on their own businesses.

Over 30 years we have built a reputation based on honesty, courtesy, trust and fairness. We are proud of this tradition and keen to expand on this basis.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

While it is true that we are a property company in the sense that we own and rent premises, we are a people company in the sense that our aim is to serve people by behaving properly. By people we mean not only our tenants, but also our suppliers, our team, and the local community from whom we derive our future customers.

We set our values some years ago, and we communicate them. Our team have all been appointed for their attitude, and for their common values. The values are:-

Honesty (for the sake of minimising the fears and anxieties associated with renting premises),

Courtesy (for the sake of creating an environment where people feel valued), Fairness (for the sake of establishing loyalty and trust),

Commitment (for the sake of delivering a service which exceeds expectations), Being Accommodating (for the sake of making people feel at home), and

Trust (for the sake of enabling relationships to grow).

Our values underpin our behaviour, and it is our behaviour which determines how we treat people.

We have a focus on Purpose. Our purpose is bound up in our values - to create an environment of openness, and trust, where fear is removed and people feel valued. Profit is an outcome of our purpose, and not a purpose in itself.

We have experimented with many environmentally sound building techniques including Hemp buildings. More importantly every member of the team puts being 'green' at the forefront, and so they have developed a park-wide recycling scheme supported by the County Council, and using a local charity to do the collections. We encourage community on the Park and that means the tenants trade with each other, buying locally. We are forever experimenting with ideas too many to mention.

We have set up a Community Trust where we actively help and support people in our community. We believe that business has a responsibility to support our community and we aim to lead in the innovative ways this can be done, without have to cost much.

We have set up a free business mentoring scheme called Oxford Business Mentors. Now 24 strong, the mentors have seen nearly 300 people in business in Oxfordshire, many several times. Mentors are business owners who also feel the need to give their time to help others.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member