Koru Architects, Hove, East Sussex - Award winning eco design architects covering Sussex & the South East - Bespoke new build eco homes and extensions.

Koru Architects

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The Studio
15 Loyd Close
East Sussex


Company Profile

Koru Architects is the leading designer of bespoke low energy healthy homes for people who want to create a sustainable legacy in the south-east of England. We specialise in biophilic, eco-design and we work exclusively with timber construction and natural, non-toxic materials to help people who value good design, healthy environments and sustainable living. We like to work with people who want to create a new-build dream home either for their retirement or for their growing family.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Our purpose is to elevate the human spirit and promote wellbeing through modern design and the art of sustainable living.

Our mission by 2025 is for all our commissions to be zero carbon homes.

Environmental sustainability is central to our business model and we continuously work towards minimising negative environmental impact as much as possible. Our office is based in a zero-carbon building where all energy is provided by renewable sources, either from solar panels or a wood-pellet biomass boiler. We have a rainwater harvesting system linked up to the WCs and low flow taps to minimise water demand. We recycle whenever possible and buy only 100% recycled paper for office use.

When specifying products for our projects we always take ethical and sustainability criteria into account, preferring to work with local businesses where possible. We value transparency in all business relationships, whether clients, suppliers or others.


Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member