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Company Profile

PROUD BRONZE CHARTER AWARD WINNERS, Lollipop help SMEs to get new enquiries and customers through their websites with Digital Marketing the Inbound Way. Inbound Marketing brings together all the usual tactics - SEO, Keywords, Blogging, Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC and Local SEO into a comprehensive, consistent and proven strategy that brings great results. We also offer 121 social media training courses at our place, your place or online.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

PROUD BRONZE CHARTER AWARD WINNERS - we practise what we preach!

Good businesses care about people. Employees customers, suppliers and the local community.

We recognise that modern office working conditions play havoc with posture so our employees are invited to a weekly yoga class. We believe that the company which stretches together, grows together.

Our biggest bugbear is people who rely on 30 and 60 day payment terms to bankroll their own cash flow at our expense. We pay our suppliers within 7 days and we ask for a similar courtesy from our customers.

We are also committed to helping create jobs within our local community and have developed our own home grown talent through the Apprenticeship Scheme.

Whilst our core business is managing the inbound marketing for SMEs, we regularly provide free training sessions through The Hive in Southend for microbusinesses with smaller budgets. Education, education, education... we want to empower those micro businesses to grow using the same techniques that produce great results for our clients every day.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member