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Company Profile

Losingthewires helps lower the carbon footprint of end user device estates, re-purposing laptops/PCs, innovative smartphone solutions enabling them to be used as desktop/laptop computers, Care tablets for senior citizens to keep in touch with family & friends.

We also provide a range of products and services aimed at helping customers deploy secure endpoints to their end users and enable them to understand different options such as Cloud PCs, low power thin-clients and other innovative solutions.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Losingthewires is providing free step by step guidance for parents to apply parental controls to their children's smartphones (both Android and iOS) and will also do the same for Windows in due course.

We buy, wherever possible, refurbished/reconditioned equipment and have moved our smartphones to more sustainable devices such as Fairphone and Crosscall.

We use solar power for our home office together with a portable power station.

We champion the use of and use, where practical, a smartphone/mobile first approach where we can use one end user device for our work, plugging it into external displays.

We freely share examples of the art of the possible such as using small, Raspberry Pi based desktop computers & thin clients, even gaming consoles/computers, smartphones as desktops/laptops and other examples of more sustainable IT use.

We minimise travel to reduce CO2 emissions using video/voice calls as an alternative and use public transport where possible.

We plan to switch to an electric vehicle in the coming year.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member