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Company Profile

Mindful Wealth helps people and businesses put their money where their heart is. Many people are unaware of where their money is being invested, often into harmful companies. The good news is we can help change this and create pensions & investments which are sustainable and align with our values.

At Mindful Wealth we are committed to ensuring our guidance, education and personalised services give confidence and clarity to everyone organising their money; from pensions to investments; from protection to mortgages.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Our core business activity at Mindful Wealth is the encouragement of responsible/ sustainable/ impact investments, which have a direct positive impact

Mindful Wealth invests with impact partners to extend a clients impact. This includes tree planting/ animal welfare/ environmentally focused companies

We use companies which are independent and responsibly focused wherever possible

Use of web hosting that utilises reforestation

We follow/ promote a Vegan and plant based diet

Minimise paper usage and when we do print this is done on sustainable and vegan materials

Minimise travel/ travelling via hybrid car

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member