Oak Network -24/7 Energy Concierge for Businesses - the Oak intuitive dashboard collects real-time data and identifies easy and affordable ways to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

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Company Profile

OAK Network digitally transforms the way businesses manage and control their energy consumption. Providing businesses with a simple monitoring dashboard, filled with machine learning analytics to provide actionable recommendations and preemptive suggestions to actively reduce their wastage and take control of their consumption.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

At OAK Network we believe in the planet, people and then profit order and while our business model is to help other businesses to be sustainable and energy-efficient, we also do a few bits differently on our end too.

To begin with, we do not have nor do we believe in a standard physical office and most of our employees are working remotely. When physical presence is required, we use member-owned spaces. One of such spaces we call Collaboratory and the space is powered by renewable energy and we are constantly monitoring, learning and working on potential savings which we can achieve there. To reach the space we prioritise the use of public transport or other environmentally friendly alternatives.

Being digitally savvy helps us to be paper-free as all internal documents are digitally stored as far as possible and this helps us to align with our internal commitment to minimal consumption. The majority of the products which we use are sourced through environmentally responsible suppliers and often locally from the UK. Meanwhile, new project developments such as our Smart control box are planned to be created from recycled wood-based material.

OAK Network is also an active member of the community and thus we have committed to giving back to our local communities, with every 10th business which joins our network, we sponsor membership to local schools and help them to implement potential saving opportunities while also providing them with a sustainable curriculum and interactive projects for pupils to learn about sustainability such as rewilding, more on this can be learned at OAK Garden Foundation. In addition to that, OAK sponsors local events such as London Climate Connection and we recently had our own first annual event Earth Day 2022 and OAK Network (blog.oak-network.com/earth-day-2022-and-oak-network) to showcase what OAK Network can do to help businesses reduce their impact on the planet.

Improving the local community is a start, especially in transforming the knowledge gap that businesses and pupils have to take to be more sustainable in the future. However, due to the time urgency of the climate crisis, we need to take action now so that we can immediately decrease the carbon in the atmosphere. This is why we are investing 5% of the revenue on behalf of our members into carbon sequestration through My Carbon Zero. My Carbon Zero focuses on verifying carbon sequestration projects rather than handing out certifications, through this our members will not only improve their energy efficiency but also sequestrate carbon elsewhere. Thereby we will be able to measure the carbon produced through our members' electricity consumption and compare it with the amount sequestrated on their behalf. This way informing them on what type of action is still required to get to Net-Zero.

OAK is committed to creating partnerships which do not only create a benefit for us, conversely, we seek partnerships that create a win-win-win scenario. Thereby not only supporting both, the partners with a beneficial relationship but also making it a vital part where the environment & community benefits from our partnership too. This also includes having a general non-commission approach, which the member can benefit the most from and thereby is incentivised to increase their sustainable action and thereby further decrease their impact. This is following our mantra to support the planet and people first and only then to focus on profit, which these partnerships enabled us to do. This also applies when we are working with green sustainable energy sources, which have committed to decarbonising their supply chain.

After all, as a start-up, we are aware that there are many more things to improve upon and we commit to doing our best and be Net-zero by 2030.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member