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Peak Earth

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Company Profile

Peak Earth started as a one-man consultancy creating financial models in excel and writing business cases for low carbon energy projects. e.g. wind, solar, district heating, storage.

We still do all of that via our sister company, Nordic Energy, along with much broader engineering, design, procurement, contracting roles within that same energy infrastructure space. Nordic Energy is a small established business with ambitions of growth - leading on infrastructure development for large regeneration zones.

Meanwhile, Peak Earth is redirecting itself to focus on nature-based solutions to the multiple crises facing society. Peak Earth Agriculture will look at Food-forestry. Peak Earth Construction is building new homes and renovating older ones using natural materials. This is all in the very early stages, and we are looking for collaborators.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

We have a 10 acre site in Lincolnshire on which we have dug two ponds, planted 4000 trees, and created butterfly banks. There is a notable increase in biodiversity, although we have not formally measured it. We plan to plant a food forest - perhaps one-acre in total, but we need the watering infrastructure first. There is no mains water - we are reliant on the ponds. And we need to dig more ponds. Longer term ambitions at this site are to build a mental health farm. All of this activity is likely to require cash and yield little/no financial return.

We are recruiting currently for the first time. We are keen to be good investors in people - giving all appropriate support and training.

The projects that we work on are all involved in decarbonisation.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member