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ReCognition Circular CIC

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Hay Mills
West Midlands
B25 8DW

Company Profile

ReCognition Circular provides skills and training for individuals currently excluded from the workforce so they can contribute to making IT more sustainable and to making their lives more fulfilling. We train them to repair and refurbish computers and mobile devices and help them find fulfilling work and training opportunities.

We fund the training by providing refurbished devices as a service.. This helps organisations that buy from us to reduce cost, reduce their environmental impact while helping us to create social value in our community.

We also recognise that the scale of our current resource consumption is unsustainable in every sense of the word. To reduce this, we need to be able to get more use out of objects we already have. Repairing and refurbishing electronic devices needs skilled people of which there is a shortage.

These two problems together present an opportunity to change for the better.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

For ReCognition Circular as a purpose driven company what we provide is intrinsically linked our values – we exist to support the local community and have a positive environmental impact. Our business model is based on circular economy principles.

In terms of our internal company operations, we volunteer at repair cafes, speak at local schools, donate equipment to local charities and provide them with advice and support. We advocate for social justice and digital inclusion.

We favour active travel (walking or cycling) wherever possible as well as using public transport.

To codify our environmental commitment, we are currently working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member