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Company Profile

Rubix Planning is a multi-skilled practice offering professional planning and architectural services. Our team of experts is well-versed in the nuances of local and national planning legislation and guidance. We combine our expertise with our in-house design team, enabling us to integrate the previously separate practices of planning and architecture.

The UK planning landscape is ever-evolving, and its complexity can be a major hurdle for those unfamiliar with the system. Whether a homeowner planning an extension, a business looking to expand, or a developer initiating a residential project, understanding the ins and outs of the planning system is essential.

We make it our mission to simplify the planning process. We specialise in turning the intricate web of UK planning into a straightforward, manageable process.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As an independent town planning practice chartered by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) we are very proud to promote both within our internal company and to our clients and the projects we are involved in, sustainable practices and activities. Placing people and the environment at the highest level of our operations and considerations.

With people and community at the heart of our profession, it is very fitting that through our contribution to local and wider planning proposals, design and decision making, we practice and advocate for social and environmental sustainability.

Internally, our social and environmental activities include:

1. Honesty & Integrity – Taken directly from out institute’s first code of conduct, we display this with all our sub-contractors and colleague consultants with whom we work.

2. Kindness and respect is fundamental in all of our communication styles. We enjoy our work and want everyone around us to as well.

3. Educational Values – we want those around us to reach their full potential. We mentor and teach CAD software to sub-contractors and carry out planning workshops and CPD with our colleague planners.

4. We work from our home office, with our labrador Amber; our mascot and best buddy. She welcomes all who visit but asks that we only print material that is required. She asks that we replenish our ink only when required, and source what we need as locally as possible. She likes that we encourage the same of others where they can. She, like us, is looking forward to solar panels in the near future and working as off-grid from home as much as possible. We will carry out site visits now and then, and promote green vehicles and public transport where possible.

Externally, our social and environmental activities include:

1. Professional behaviour & respect – not only do we want our colleagues to thrive, but our clients. Our clients are often homeowners, independent businesses of all types, and small developers. The variety of work we undertake is broad; no two clients want or need the same thing. We listen. We respect.

2. We recognise that we frequently have the opportunity to positively influence the decision making of our clients, and that this can at times be very significant. We advocate for cleaner environmental living; renewable technology where possible such as solar panel and heat recovery systems is always a consideration in our design work. Greener and reconfigured healthy spaces increase wellbeing and ultimately impacts people’s lives. We encourage them in our design and planning strategies.

3. Community engagement – we encourage our clients to communicate with their neighbours and local stakeholders, even where the process may seem automatically built into the planning system, often the personal contact between those in a community is more effective and we promote this in all instances.

Future goals

We carry out all of the above internal and external social and environmental activities, but stive for progress and utilise the S.M.A.R.T method for creating objective and goals to reach in the coming year. We monitor our progress and find new ways to improve.

Our current goals personally and professionally, include:

1. Increased activity and presence in environmental planning matters. We want to promote more new technologies in planning and place making and participate in the discourse including playing a more active role in environmental organisations and groups;

2. Community engagement – in and around our home village community which is relatively new to us. We would like to represent ourselves and Rubix in some local community gardening/community farm work soon;

3. Practice what we preach – cleaner living and the switch to renewable technology in the office. We are focussed on creating and maintaining a sizable garden allotment, which we hope may play a dual role in our community engagement with neighbours and new local friends.


Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member