Salt Desert Media Group Ltd - Publishers of material, in print and other media, which nurtures humane values around the world.

Salt Desert Media Group Ltd.

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Company Profile

Salt Desert Media Group Limited is a holding company registered in the UK, dedicated to publishing material, in print as well as in other media, which nurtures humane values around the world.

The company envisages imprints focusing on different geographies, themes, etc. The first imprint, Pippa Rann Books & Media focuses on Indians and others who love India.

The number of imprints will be expanded as and when the specific vision and necessary human and financial resources are availab

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As a mission-driven company, we take our responsibilities very seriously. But as a tiny start-up at present, our ability to move simultaneously in different directions is limited. We are therefore focusing on the "social" part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, while keeping the other goals in mind.

The second imprint, which is being considered at present, may enable us to be more balanced - as envisaged at present, that imprint will take environmental issues equally seriously.

All the preceding material in this paragraph relates to the content of what is published. We are examining our processes in order to make them as environmentally sustainable as possible.

We are also considering how much of our profit (when we move into profit!) we should devote to supporting which NGO or NGOs for purposes such as justice, the relief of poverty, disaster amelioration, and the promotion of education and health especially in the poorer parts of the world, whether in the West or elsewhere.


Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member