Skillsmart - A new app-based learning service for tradespeople. Making subcontracting easy. Connections and community and learning sessions.

Skillsmart Ltd

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Company Profile

Skillsmart is a new app-based continuous learning service aiming to revolutionise tradespeople\'s training starting specifically with heating engineering. Our tool SubbieSeeker will solve the industry\'s biggest pain point by making subcontracting as simple as ordering an Uber. Our TradeToks monthly video competition will forge connections and community as a reward for completing 10-minute daily learning sessions covering trade skills and also business and customer care mastery

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Skillsmart aims to be a responsible business overall, with the following specific aspects feeding into our standards:

* Our service is designed to continuously train tradespeople, minimising the need to take them to distant training centres, and away from their normal work.

* We are focusing initially on heating engineering, helping speed the transition from gas boilers to heat-exchange pumps, in the race to societal net zero.

* We subcontract developers globally, with particular interest and connection with teams in Lithuania and India. We treat all employees and collaborators as if we lived and worked in the same city together.

* Behaving ethically in every aspect of our business is at the core of our personal beliefs and how we operate as a team. Maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and values will continuously delight our customers and suppliers and ultimately accelerate our short-to-long term success.

* We aim to set the highest benchmarks for how SAAS businesses operate and continuously create genuine value for our members.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member