Storo Ltd - Visual storytelling for purpose-led people and brands - Photography, film and other visual tools to raise the profile of change-makers

Storo Limited

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First floor, 37 Westcote Road
Greater London
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Company Profile

STORO is a visual storytelling studio for purpose-led people and brands founded by director, creative producer, and photographer Riccardo Sai.

Bringing together a dynamic pool of creatives with a shared ambition for empowering change, STORO exists to create meaningful visual narratives for leaders seeking to have a social and environmental impact, inspire action, and do good.

Stories beyond words are at the heart of our mission. Stories connect, transform, and educate. They make you memorable. They spark empathy. And they can absolutely change the world. Stories are the most powerful way to relate to, engage with, and inspire your audience. And they unfold when images move.

We produce photography, film, and other visual tools that empower change-making individuals and brands to tell their stories in a way that stands out.

The goal of STORO is to move people in a new way. To raise the profile of change-makers. To inspire them to see the familiar with new eyes.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

At Storo we follow closely sustainability guidelines for film production designed by Bafta and their program Albert.

We are working with a regenerative collective to find new ways to raise awareness about the environment helping brands to communicate more authentically and with more impact.

Part of our mission is to empower people and brands to share their purpose and values thorugh the power of visual storytelling.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member