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Company Profile

Strategic Management Partners has been owner managed by Clive Bonny since 1990. We work in partnership with public funded organisations providing a range of business continuity services enhancing environment and social responsibility practices. Actions include environment conservation with Green Growth Platform, PR, supply chain development, tendering and bidding, innovation and diversification, intellectual property protection, operational cost management, and Awards Assessment.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As our services include Business Continuity Planning we can share over 20 years experience operating across the public, private and social enterprise sectors. We introduce clients to our larger supply chains of professional bodies with whom we work closely. These include the Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce, regional business associations and local chambers of commerce. Our projects are often government funded and are tailored by an onsite review without charging to first establish if and how we can create value for clients. Examples of recent social and environment consultancy and training projects are as follows:

Diversifying services and retraining staff of a waste management charity to create additional revenue streams;

Setting up a textile recycling programme engaging schools with business to promote entrepreneurship and employability in young persons;

Demonstrating the benefits of renewable energy systems for a buildings designer to reduce costs and improve sustainable construction;

Drafting environment and social policies and practices for a new sports arena to enhance their employer brand, attraction and retention of staff;

Organising and running public events on Best Practice Sustainability for Award Winning small enterprises and school academies for peer group learning;

Drafting standards for Coaching and Mentoring between managers and staff of financial services firms to promote internal knowledge sharing;

Designing bid and tender processes for manufacturers and professional service providers to win work with larger supply chains;

Conducting background personnel security checks for 100 independent contractors to reduce risks for appointments into positions requiring confidentiality;

Facilitating workshops on reputation risks and returns of using social media for sports club players, apprentices and staff;

Introducing Workplace Mediation policies and processes for a high growth accountancy to reduce the risk and cost of employment tribunals;

authoring and editing books and articles on Business Ethics published by The Economist to promote transparency, respect and trust.

Training PLC corporate managers and foreign civil servants on fraud prevention and corporate responsibility programmes to improve finance management;

Promoting the national standards of Mindful Employer to widen wellness at work practices and reduce employee stress;

Volunteering in local social enterprise programmes for community health and cultural development;

Designing and drafting public relations campaigns to promote resource conservation activities by social enterprises;

Assessing individuals to satisfy professional competency qualifications in consulting and risk management, enhancing their productivity;

More detailed project case studies are available on request so that clients can become fully informed on the activities, outputs and outcomes of different services. For projects requiring specialist skills we work with selected management partners to ensure client projects are supported by the most cost-effective experienced people.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member