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The Coconut Company (UK ) Ltd

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Unit 3
58 Chadwick Road
Greater London
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Company Profile

The Coconut Company creates Organic and Vegan coconut food products for wholesale, retail and bulk food manufacturers. We've been blending, drying, fermenting and grinding coconuts since 2014. Among other things, we've become known for our products made from coconut sap and dried coconut milk. We take the sap and ferment it into our coconut vinegar or sauces. We heat the sap to produce our coconut nectar and sugar. We regularly visit our suppliers in Asia.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

The Coconut Company is committed to protecting employees, partners, suppliers and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. We address issues proactively and use correct judgement, to help set us apart from competitors. We will not tolerate any wrongdoing or impropriety at any time and will take the appropriate measures and act quickly in correcting the issue if the ethical code is broken.

People Policy

Executives and senior managers within The Coconut Company must set a prime example by demonstrating honesty and integrity, an open-door policy and welcoming suggestions and concerns from employees. Executives must disclose any conflict of interest regarding their position within the company.

Product Policy

The Coconut Company will increase customer and vendor satisfaction by providing quality products and timely responses to inquiries.

Our Bulk Business:

When choosing suppliers, The Coconut Company will undertake an on-site audit of the factories to ensure the below:

- The working conditions of the factory staff are safe & hygienic

- Employment is freely chosen

- Living wages are paid

- No child labour will be used throughout the production process

- No animals or animal derivatives will be used in the processing or collection of products we purchase

Our Retail Business:

- Ingredients used in our retail products will adhere to our Supplier Approval Policy and factories must pass an on-site audit prior to a purchase of goods

- Wherever possible (and where product quality is not compromised) recyclable packing will be used in the production of retail products

- The Coconut Company will strive to reduce unnecessary packaging in the logistics and supply chain

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Coconut Company is proud to support the efforts of Sorsogon Foods Enterprises, one of our key suppliers in the Philippines, in the charitable endeavours it undertakes in the local community. This support is initially through the supply of clothing, monetary contributions and provisions to the local community kindergarten in the Sorsogon region.

The Coconut Company’s aim is to increase this support to other charitable projects in typhoon-prone regions, as we grow and evolve.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member