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Company Profile

The Content Maven focuses on B2B marketing & copywriting for SMES. We deliver purpose-led strategic marketing, content and copywriting that delivers impact and growth.

Alison has been delivering B2B marketing and copywriting campaigns on and offline for over 25 years. She comes with a wealth of experience across a huge range of B2B sectors from potatoes to film and SaaS tech to cybersecurity.

Services include:

- Copywriting & Content: SEO web copy, sales collateral, presentations, social media, email marketing, blogging, articles & PR, white papers & e-books, case studies, lead magnets.

- Content marketing: content marketing audits, strategy and planning, design and creation.

- Virtual Marketing Manager: access the marketing skills and resources you need for each stage of your growth. Gain senior, strategic marketing expertise to deliver your marketing activity while you get time to focus on what you do best.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

As a copywriting and marketing consultant, I focus on working with businesses and individuals who share the same values and drive about consistently improving their positive social and environmental impact.

The Workplace - as a small boutique consultancy, I typically work from home. This means that I am able to ensure I keep my environmental impacts low, actively managing recycling and energy consumption. Where I need to travel for work, I use public transport, or my hybrid car.

Working Relationships: I actively seek and sustain long-term, positive, collaborative working relationships and work with businesses who look after their clients and employees. Authenticity is important and all copywriting and marketing activities undertaken honestly reflect the business and its USPs.

Suppliers: I source from suppliers who demonstrate the best eco and social credentials. I actively focus on marketing that delivers results without creating unnecessary waste (e.g. plastic giveaways). Plastic biros are a no-no in my office (and life)! Where possible I source as locally as possible to reduce my (and my clients') carbon footprints. I recycle and choose long-life, multi-use products.

Our Sustainable Marketing Mission

We have a purpose. To deliver effective B2B marketing that drives happy clients and growth for ambitious UK SMEs and that drives sustainable success that

neither costs you your bank balance, nor the planet.

This means I will deliver the right level of marketing which is sustainable and effective for the client business in terms of budget, time, resources and return. No more, no less, bells and whistles don't tend to be required!

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member