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Company Profile

We support individuals, businesses and organisations in their journey to becoming regenerative. Regenerative approaches are inspired by living systems – allowing for the full potential for the individuals and organisation to emerge, and creating innovation, balance and resilience in environmental, social, financial and personal aspects of life and business.

Think like a Tree offers personal development programmes for individuals, leaders and groups, supporting anyone to design the life they want.

Think like a Forest offers programmes for businesses and organisations in their regenerative transformation - creating organisations that are aligned with the principles of Life, such as healthy growth, adaptability, resilience and purpose. Founder Sarah Spencer is the author of the book Think like a Tree: the natural principles guide to life and speaks and trains widely on regenerative practices. A network of facilitators brings nature-inspired approaches to a wide range of audie

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Think like a Tree has been actively designed from the outset as a regenerative business, inspired by the success of living ecosystems. That means that we go beyond 'doing good' or 'sustainability' into aligning the business with the rest of Life.

The organisation is agile, meaning that we collaborate with a wide variety of facilitators and practitioners and this allows us to bring the best solutions to our customers. A comprehensive agreement on all aspects of regenerative living guides all our facilitators.

The home base of Think like a Tree and Think like a Forest is a 19 acre permaculture-designed smallholding in south Derbyshire with solar energy, water capture, food gardens, wildlife nurturing and woodlands in the National Forest. We also use local community woodland social enterprise Whistlewood Common as a key training venue. Sarah was a co-founder of Whistlewood and active supporter of this regenerative project which has planted 3500 trees and created a beautiful straw-bale eco training venue.

Our guiding vision is to bring regenerative, nature-inspired solutions to a wide audience, supporting individuals and organisations, and we are committed to leading by example. We discourage flying to our courses, use public transport and electric cars where possible and use 100% renewable energy for our energy consumption and hosting. We consider plastic use and food carbon in our catering decisions.

We also believe in meeting our clients where they are, and understand that different experiences may have led to different choices, so you'll find support, guidance and inspiration rather than guilt or judgement when you join us.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member