Triple Bottom Line Accounting (TBLA), Norwich, Norfolk. Professional Accountancy Practice. Sound financial advice and support. Compliance - Bookkeeping - Management Accounts - ESG Impact Measurement

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

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Company Profile

Thrive with TBLA (Triple Bottom Line Accounting) as your finance partner.

Look after your business, the environment and your community, and we'll help you prosper.

At TBLA we take away the stress of finance, taxation, accounting and the compliance associated with running your affairs. Our aim is to enable you to achieve your objectives and succeed through sound financial management and advice.

We offer:

* Compliance services: Accounts, tax returns, payroll, company formation, SEIS/EIS assurance,

R&D assessments and claims.

* Bookkeeping and control services: ensuring that your records are kept using latest technology

* Modelling and management accounting - Forecasts, Cash flows, monthly/ quarterly accounts

* Financial Directorship - making those key decisions and making actionable recommendations to ensure your business succeeds and you meet your purpose.

* ESG: Impact measurement and narrative service.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

At Triple Bottom Line Accounting, we help clients who are working towards a better future for themselves, the environment and their communities. Through a partnership approach we aim to remove the stress involved with running your finances and to use our skills to help you prosper.We give honest advice and do the right thing.

We help people choose the correct structure for what they want to achieve, aligning their organisation to the most appropriate type of entity, be that sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, not-for-profit organisations or charities.

Training and research are key to our work, we keep up to date with the latest developments in finance, accounting, taxation and compliance. For complex tax problems/opportunities we work with partners that ensure our advice is the best.

We don't believe there are silly questions, they are part of the learning process. Your understanding of the solutions that we recommend is essential. We never keep our clients in the dark.

We work in a lovely office and a friendly environment. We believe that having respect and caring for each other is key to our wellbeing. We don't work solely for the money that we earn, work has to have a soul and meaning to us.

We have a strong team of professionals that are focused on working for you. We respond to queries quickly and are dedicated to complete work for you to a high standard and in a timely manner. Where we can't give a quick response, we will manage your expectations.

We are a digital accountancy practice. We work with the latest packages, apps and tools. Our client solutions include FreeAgent, QuickBooks, Xero and Receipt Bank. We recommend solutions to suit the client not ourselves.

We have standard prices with monthly retainer agreements or pay-as-you-go arrangements. We believe in a fair price for a good job and to share the profits that we make fairly across the team and our community.

Brand Essence

A progressive accountancy practice, adopting a learning approach to help clients succeed in a rapidly evolving epoch in which doing the right thing comes before profit. Our aim is to empower our clients to achieve the best outcomes.

Brand Values

TBLA is an accountancy practice at the growing edge of change. We are a client centred team which is underpinned by a new philosophy of accounting that puts care at the centre of everything that we do.


Caring comes from the heart. A caring approach is hard to define in words, but you know when it's present. We care about what we do and our clients.


People expect professionals to be knowledgeable, to have integrity, to respect confidentiality, to be honest and reliable. These values are core to TBLA.


We don't do things because "that's how they've been done in the past" or because others are doing it in a certain way. We are always asking "why" and looking for the best solutions.


We are a living wage employer.

Our team work a four day week.

We invite staff and clients to give us anonymous feedback

Our workforce is empowered

We have regular team meetings and workshops

We like to think of ourselves as a learning organisations which is tolerant of mistakes.

We respect each others views and opinions.

But mostly, we are exceedingly proud to be leading change is what it means to be an accountancy practice.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member