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Company Profile

Tudor Rose Wellbeing Consultancy brings a unique perspective, with professional and lived experience to creating wellbeing programmes and training that shape inclusive, healthy, high-performing work cultures.

Bespoke wellbeing and inclusion training informs organisation policy and practise around ED&I, recruitment and retention, and executive coaching enables employees to manage their mental and physical health needs with work priorities.

Building a reputation as a fair and responsible employer, attracting best talent. Empowering organisations to be THE truly inclusive workplace of choice, and change around:

Attracting and retaining best people

Saving absence costs and increasing talent pool

Being THE truly INCLUSIVE, workplace of choice

Contributing to Sustainability, Environmental and Social Governance targets

Bridging the gap between health and work and guiding the workplace to a more effective and inclusive workforce.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Tudor Rose are committed to helping businesses embrace their lawful and regulatory responsibilities and navigate their organisation impact on ED&I and the the wellbeing of their workforce.

We are always conscious of our responsibility and duty of care to the environment, community, freelance expert colleagues, customers and partners. Sourcing wherever possible environmentally friendly goods.

We are passionate about opening up work opportunities for all, enabling all, to have the opportunity, confidence and belief to make a positive contribution in society. In doing so we lead by example. Demonstrating our lived experience and how we have broken down barriers, and our commitment to a fair inclusive workplace in our work and endorsements.

We are proactive in keeping our skills and sector knowledge up to date, seeking and attending CPD opportunities.

We are committed to our local community being involved in volunteering and 3rd sector networks for the benefit of local residents and sourcing first, any services locally (products, partners, university research students etc.).

Wherever possible meetings are attended via zoom or public transport, encouraging others to do similar and having a paperless office. Reducing our environmental impact.

As a responsible business we live by our strong principles being creatively insightful and compassionately resilient. Striving as change makers to inspire fair and inclusive workplaces for all.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member