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Company Profile

Where Does It Come From? is a social enterprise creating kind clothes that tell tales. We build transparent supply chains in partnership with organisations that benefit people and planet, creating products for retail and b2b. We help businesses to align their ethical values with their products, running custom productions for bags, shirts, scarves and much more, that are fair trade, eco-friendly and come with a code on the label so your customers can get to know the people and processes involved

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Where Does It Come From? is a UK based social enterprise that creates ethical and eco-friendly clothing and textiles. The brand was created to inspire customers to change their damaging shopping behaviour, whilst creating employment for the most vulnerable communities to produce fabric and clothing in ways that are kind to the environment. Our three beneficiaries are those involved in our supply chains, the environment and our end customers too through their general and mental health.

Our unique selling point is that each item we create comes with a code on the label which enables customers to trace the whole supply chain, exploring the processes that we use and getting to know the people involved. This helps customers to build an emotional connection with their clothes and the people involved, ultimately inspiring more conscious shopping, as well as positive mental health. In turn this leads to less consumption, more ethical production and more consideration for the planet in production methods.

We partner with social enterprises in India and Africa to create our products, including co-operatives, artisan groups and Fairtrade workshops. Since we started in 2013 our work in India has assisted hundreds of marginalised workers per year, supporting livelihoods and ensuring traditional skills that are kind to the planet are maintained. These workers are hand spinners and weavers, primarily women, who can either work from home or come to the local co-operative to produce their cloth. Through scaling up our wholesale orders we hope to increase the number of people that we support to over a thousand across India in the next 5 years.

Our newer supply chain in Africa creates tailoring work for disadvantaged people in Malawi as well as supporting the co-operative farming projects underway in Uganda.

We now have a large range of adults and childrens clothing and accessories for sale on our website and other outlets.

We have ramped up our wholesale channel over the last 2 years, increasing our impact on workers and using some innovative eco-friendly processes. Clients have included SAP, New Internationalist and a wide range of smaller brands such as jewellery brands, toy makers and a vegan Deli.

Our ambitions centre on growing our impact, encouraging organisations to source their textile and clothing ethically and sustainably through our transparent supply chains. We also want to share our expertise through consultancy. We believe all business should be run to have positive impacts for all involved, so our goal is to help others to move over to a more ethical and sustainable model.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member