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Company Profile

As a Wisdom Coach, I aim to help people achieve a future where age is a source of strength and inspiration. I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds to enhance self-awareness, learn new tools and techniques, and ultimately set and achieve their life goals.

Through my coaching practice, I provide dialogue, regeneration, and self-organising expertise to help you reach your full potential.

My signature programme is Wisdom Skills, a six-week one-on-one introduction to the tools and techniques that can be used to reset your future. I also offer coaching on an hourly basis.

A member of the Association For Coaches, I am professionally qualified and ascribe to their Code of Ethics.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Wiselier is a newcomer to ORB and a new business itself.

I will keep the enterprise's footprint light, equitable and democratic across essential business functions.

In particular:


1. Ethics

The Ethics of the Association For Coaching are followed at all times:

Not harm me or others

Adopt a duty of care that promotes the welfare of others

Practise within the scope of my competence by knowing my limits

Respect my clients' interests

Respect the relevant laws of the countries in which I operate.

2. Core Values

Integrity - Respect - Accountability - Freedom and Future


3. Environment.

Wiselier takes its responsibility seriously. My business's carbon footprint (CF) was measured using SUSTRAX software, which is 3.2 tonnes CO2e per annum. I work out of a purpose-built, low-energy home and use a medium-sized, contemporary motorcycle as my transport of choice. It is estimated that purchasing an annual compensating carbon offset would cost £23.50. Wiselier donates 2.5% of its sales revenue to the Cool Earth charity to offset its CF, and this year, it will donate five times its recommended offset. Cool Earth works to protect rainforests and offers indigenous communities unconditional cash support.

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance audited my website https://wiselier.co and rated it "A" in June 2024.


4. Community

A human minority populates my rural community. Wiselier engages with others by running occasional free Street Wisdom workshops in surrounding towns and offering pro-bono programmes and coaching spots to local people who otherwise could not afford them.

5. Marketplace

I am building Wiselier's business as a service that meets a need that is poorly met. It will be developed by continuous improvement gathered from all stakeholders, particularly customers.

Suppliers are chosen according to criteria favouring local economic and environmental sustainability and paid according to their business terms.

The Association For Coaches is the representative body for my profession. It is responsible for investigating and resolving any complaint about the service. It has a clear complaints policy and procedure, accessible from my website.

All required and correct insurances are held.

Wiselier will become accredited with the Responsible Business Standard by 2026.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member