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Want to communicate your sustainability story with confidence, authenticity, and plenty of personality?

Look no further. Write Rabbit provides specialist sustainability copywriting and communication advice to forward-thinking B2B businesses.

Write Rabbit's services include:

- copywriting

- content writing

- sustainability report writing

- brand voice and messaging development

To get words that work for profit, people and the planet, book a free zero-obligation call with founder Tash Morgan-Etty via the Write Rabbit website or directly on hello@writerabbit.com.

"I do the write thing so you can do the right thing."

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Luckily writing is a relatively low-impact service. But that doesn't mean I don't make an effort to reduce any negative impacts I make on our environment.

In terms of emissions, I don't own a car and rely mostly on public transport to get to in-person meetings or events. That's not very often, though, because 99% of my meetings take place via video or phone call. That means my clients aren't emitting loads of carbon by travelling to see me, either.

Also, I work from home. So, I have control over the power and heating use in my office and keep it to a minimum. Here's where my collection of colourful jumpers comes in handy! I must also mention that although I am on a green tariff with my energy provider, I know that most of their claims are based on the Rego system, and they don't have a green gas option. So, I'm hoping to swap to a more ethical and dedicated electricity supplier soon.

In terms of emissions generated by my online activity, there are a variety of digital platforms and apps I use to reduce my footprint, e.g., a green search engine for the extensive research I do on most projects.

In terms of financial commitments, I use a low-emitting online bank. And, to amplify my impact in this area, for clients paying by card, I donate a portion of my revenue to carbon removal projects through Stripe Climate. For all clients, to celebrate the completion of a project, I donate to Write Rabbit's partner charity, the Rainforest Trust UK. The Trust's projects make a significant contribution to carbon sequestration.

Most important, however, is the fact that I focus my services on helping businesses proactively move the needle on sustainability towards a thriving future for all. I do this through several writing services, and I'm developing Carbon Literacy courses for fellow business writers and communicators.

My goal is for sustainability to become the norm and regeneration to be the new mark of responsibility and excellence for all industries.

For now, I recognise that there's no such thing as a perfectly sustainable business, and Write Rabbit is no exception. There is still a lot I can do within and through my business to support positive social and environmental change, and I'm determined to do it. So, watch this space!

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member