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Copywriting and digital marketing services for small businesses. With the focus on using blog posts and social media to boost search engine optimisation.

They say that content is king - well, I'm here to help you write website content that is entertaining, informative, helpful - and most importantly, persuasive. Using words to make sure that your website (or brochure) answers customer questions and guides them towards making the right decision.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Copywriting is not something that uses a lot of resources. Basically, I work from home, in a dedicated room with just a dog and a digital radio for company.

Which means of course, that I have limited opportunities to make my business super-responsible. But that doesn't mean I can't do SOMETHING. It's little things that matter - I always use "low calorie" lightbulbs, recycle my printer ink, avoid printing wherever necessary and using both sides of the paper when I do write things down.

My desk and my filing cabinet are second hand, my office is well-lit by natural light and rather than turn the heating up - I have a chunky warm cardigan to wrap around myself on chilly days.

Most of my environmentally responsible activities are outside of work. I have a large garden where I grow some of our own organic veggies, I keep bees and I have a couple of hens who produce the loveliest eggs. Wildflowers abound in my garden and each year I plan to plant at least one native species tree. I may not be around to appreciate them when they are fully mature, but my Grandchildren will and I hope that they will also take up gardening and beekeeping.

Working from home means that I have time to dry my washing outdoors, cook from scratch and shop in markets etc so as to avoid all that horrible plastic packaging. (I HATE plastic with a vengeance!)

Workwise, well, I'm lucky there too. The majority of my clients are small businesses who employ local people and work hard to enhance the environment (they are in the landscaping industry). Their blogs and social media serve as a platform to demonstrate their environmental credentials and encourage householders to adopt simple measures that help to make their area greener. Leaving hedgehog holes in their fences, planting hedges, popping a living roof onto their garden buildings - there are all sorts of ways that people can help the environment with minimal disruption to their lifestyle.

I'm afraid that I shy away from the local community where I live - I'm an introvert you see and I don't enjoy the gossip culture. Naturally I use the village shops wherever possible and I'm always happy to contribute raffle prizes etc but I'm not one for joining groups etc.

Having said that, I'm passionate about the landscaping community. Whenever funds allow I donate to Perennial - a charity for landscape professionals who are going through hard times. Next year I have plans for a couple of fundraisers too - I'll share them with you when everything is set up.

So that's me - a very ordinary person who tries to tread lightly on the environment and teach my children and grandchildren the value of the simple things in life.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member