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Company Profile

YUnique Marketing Ltd is an award-winning strategic marketing consultancy founded in 2016 by Jarmila Yu. Its mission is to bring strategic marketing excellence within reach of ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, not just large corporations. The team provides the full spectrum of marketing services, ranging from basic brand and website work to a complete outsourced marketing function, crucially all led from the perspective of a CMO to ensure maximum impact. Their services are provided on a bespoke on-demand basis, hence ensuring both time and cost-effectiveness supporting business leaders to launch, grow or transform their businesses.

Our services are delivered flexibly depending on client requirements. We predominantly work remotely allowing us to keep our carbon footprint low and costs to our clients affordable, however, where onsite meetings at client locations are required we can support this but travel expenses will apply.

Our Social and Environmental Activities

Social impact

We believe that by empowering the SMEs that comprise 99.9% of UK private business, we are helping create job opportunities and economic growth. However, going beyond that, we strongly support direct giving for good and encourage our clients to do the same. Together we can make a huge impact. We are proud to achieve social impact by embedding giving activities in our everyday business operations. All of our giving ties back to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals represent the global communitys next step in ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change by 2030. At YUnique Marketing we particularly align with #GOAL 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth. The Global Goals are interconnected and so we impact more than just one goal.

Environmental sustainability

We recognise the threat of the climate crisis and are committing to take immediate action, pledging to achieve net zero emissions before 2050; and reducing our emissions and impact on biodiversity we are aiming to get there by 2030. All businesses, regardless of size, should be conscious of their effect on the environment and play their part in halting climate change. Concern for both people and the planet are not new to us. We are certainly not claiming to be perfect, neither are we judging others, instead we are part of a growing coalition of the willing looking to learn, collaborate and accelerate action while continuing to highlight the challenges and uncomfortable truths. We've undertaken and continue to undertake education on this topic. We've actioned learnings to curb carbon emissions and build business resilience. By sharing our journey and ensuring our voice is part of the collective, resounding call for change we are playing our part in climate change leadership, helping raise awareness of organisations and initiatives available so others can learn and take positive steps too. As a young business we're constantly learning. Our mantra for ESG is "Better Every Day!"

Work-life balance

We believe that the mental health and wellbeing of our team is key to organisational success, sustainable high performance and best client project outcomes.

Our goals are to:

- Build and maintain a workplace environment and culture that supports mental health and wellbeing and prevents discrimination (including bullying and harassment)

- Increase employee knowledge and awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues and behaviours

- Reduce stigma around depression and anxiety in the workplace

- Facilitate active employee participation in a range of initiatives that support mental health and wellbeing

Our team have a responsibility to:

- Take reasonable care of their own mental health and wellbeing, including physical health

- Take reasonable care that their actions do not affect the health and safety of other people in the workplace - Understand basics and seek support if needed

- Consider their health and wellbeing while completing work-related duties and at any time while representing us or our clients

- Support team members in their awareness of mental health and wellbeing

- Support and contribute to our aim of providing a mentally healthy and supportive environment for all the team

Career growth and learning

We believe that marketers and business leaders who up-skill deliver business growth. As a business leadership team and as marketing service deliverers, we know we need to continuously educate ourselves just as much as we help to up-skill our clients. We encourage our team to become members of marketing & business professional bodies and we support them to sharpen their skills by making continual professional development learning opportunities available to them. We encourage our team to take part in mentoring by paying it forward and being a mentor as well as benefitting from having a mentor themselves.

Memberships and Certifications

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member